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Portfolio of 15 Domains

Aged Portfolio of (15) High Quality Domains - 200 Years Old - You Must...

Spin Da Wheel

iOS App | Now making $200+ p/mo. in Revenue | 10K+ mo. downloads

It means Prince! sold for $96,645. 8100 search p/m $1.79 cpc Lo...

Reno Nevada - Gambling Hub for USa and sister city to Las Vegas Nevada

Wallz Wallpapers for iPhone & iPad

iOS App with 5,345 downloads/mo making $139/mo

Bash Shell X

Android App making $270/month, $4700 Revenue + Buyer's List of 500 + F...

All Cars

Current Passive Rev $500+ p/mo | 20M Impressions | 57K+ Active Installs
.ly - excellent domain name for dating

Site with 19,649 uniques/mo making $2,098/mo with 8000 registered users.

Chocolate Tower

iOS App with 750 downloads/mo & over $1260 profit since May 19th release.

Shape Copy

Full-service Web Development Agency making $18,671/mo

Hemps - Niche defining keyword - sold for $25,000

PREMIUM Domain****$1,500,000USD.Estibot

Site with 72,695 uniques/mo making $48,928/mo

Wall Decor - Home Decor eCommerce domain name representing a billion d...

Makeup Contouring

Passive income opportunity-running app business for sale making $100 a...

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